About me

'm Philippa Green, a wife and mother of two. I'm also a journalist with more than 20 years' experience.

I see a lot of other mums at the school gates who, prior to having their children, were very accomplished in their field of work. Now that their children are at school they want to use those skills to access the workplace and help out with the household finances.

Many want part-time work to fit in with their primary role as child carer and home maker. These types of women are incredibly committed. Hire one of them and you'll have someone who's very efficient, hard-working and a true asset to your team. Hey presto!

But how do people come by those jobs, which in this climate are like gold dust?

Well... it's all about making your own luck, isn't it. I set about using my writing skills to research and write blogs that might offer women some support and inspiration. I'll admit, I've expanded my own brief and my blog roll is now littered with stories about everyday life, which a lot of other parents are experiencing.

I hope by writing about what's current and offering inspirational stories that you will find you have a richer reading experience.

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